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Facility Information -- Suzhou, China
InserTech has recently opened a brand new, hospital clean, manufacturing facility in the Suzhou New District. This new plant that specializes in "Insert" Injection Molding is conveniently located for all Shanghai area customers in the Automotive, Medical, Appliance and Consumer Electronic markets.

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InserTech always becomes heavily involved in the "up front" design of the customers product when the product requires an insert molded component. InserTech often becomes the engineering arm of the customer at this stage. Once the component design is formalized with customer agreements at component review and feasibility commitment stages, InserTech's USA trained engineers located in Suzhou will continue the task of APQP and also begin the tooling design process. Once the tooling design has been approved, InserTech's project engineers will manage the tool build through to production. Besides specializing in Insert Molding, InserTech offers a complete component package. This package may also include conventional straight injection molded parts, two shot parts, plastic gears or a combination of all four technologies.

InserTech's focus globally is to assist our customers with the design of their products that require either Insert or Outsert Molding or their various derivatives. We specialize in Insert Molding a combination of electrical circuits, electronic components, electro-mechanical components and various forms of magnetic components into housings that are required to meet very stringent electrical and environmental testing requirements. We therefore offer electrical and environmental testing of these products.

InserTech is one of the few Global companies that is capable of Insert Molding Gear Segment assembles for Electronic Throttle Control Actuators. These assemblies combine the most challenging aspects of gears, inset molding and magnetic, stamped and machined metallic components. The function of an ETC Actuator is the precise control of the air supply for gasoline engines in "drive by wire" systems. Tolerances for these components are some of the tightest in the automotive industry. By producing a Gear Segment assembly, Insertech integrates as many as five, very tightly toleranced components into a geometrically difficult to mold shape while maintaining the stringent dimensional and structural integrity of a gear.
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