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Facility Information -- Culiacan, Mexico

InserTech's operation in Culiacan is housed in a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Sinaloa, Mexico. This can be expanded to 120,000 sq. ft.


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Culiacan is located centrally on the West coast of Mexico. This location is very convenient to supply customers in Chihuahua and Guadalajara. The city is also part of an advanced 4 way highway system connecting Culiacan to the Mexican border cities and their US counterparts of San Diego, Nogales, Santa Teresa, and El Paso. This highway system also stretches across the heart of Mexico to reach the rest of the country.

This is a city of around one million inhabitants. It has an abundance of fine schools and technical colleges. We have been recruiting excellent engineers locally.

Culiacan has a modern international airport only 15 minutes from our plant and is also ideally situated for international shipping since the port of Mazatlan is just a short distance away.

Equipment Information  
Production Department  
Bullet Image Cincinatti Milicron 90 Ton Vertical Rotary Presses (2)
Bullet Image Cincinatti Milicron 200 Ton Vertical Rotary Press
Bullet Image Cincinatti Milicron 40 Ton Vertical Shuttle Press
Bullet Image Multiplaz 35 Ton Vertical Shuttle Press
Bullet Image Newbury 80 Ton Vertical Rotary Press
Quality Assurance Department  
Bullet Image Zeiss Vista CMM
Bullet Image Calypso CAD-based Software
Bullet Image Cimworks Visual SPC Software
Bullet Image Suburban Tool Optical Comparitor
Bullet Image Full compliment of precision measuring instruments, gages and equipment
Bullet Image Various temperature/Rh Indicators
Bullet Image Weigh count scales, Go/NoGo gages, surface plates and steel rules.
Bullet Image Various HIPOT and Continuity Testers
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