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Production Systems  
InserTech is housed in a modern cellular based automated manufacturing facility featuring the latest "State of the Art" molding and support equipment. Incorporated into this business is a "World Class" objective based Quality System and a competitive "Open" pricing structure with ongoing optimization of costs. In addition, we have the ability to manage modern logistical and supply chain management techniques (EDI, Kanban, etc.). We use the following criteria to achieve the lowest PPM's in the industry:
Low Cavitation
We always strive for the lowest cavitation permissible, based upon cost constraints, to reduce part variation and optimize quality.

Cycle Optimization
To optimize the cycle we use quick response low tonnage presses with advanced programmable controllers and internally designed insert loading mechanisms.

Reel to Reel
Besides regular shuttle and rotary presses we run reel to reel and reel to box systems with in-line blank and form using open/closed vertical or horizontal presses.

Combining simplicity with technology is the key to success. We try to adapt proven technologies with easily maintained designs. This assures high quality levels while maintaining low part cost.
Robotic Load and Retrieve  
For high volume projects we recommend using servo assisted robots over a fixed electro-mechanical system since they offer a certain amount of flexibility, they are usually faster, more reliable and re-usable in future programs.
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