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Why Choose InserTech?  
A prospective customer should have a clear understanding with regard to the "Degree of Difficulty" between a single over-molded insert and multiple layers of stampings that are to be insert molded into a three dimensional product.

Most injection molders are capable of over-molding a threaded insert. Very few injection molders are capable of designing and manufacturing high volume, close tolerance three-dimensional insert molded components for optimum manufacturability for the customer. InserTech has this capability and a comparison between the two is shown here.

InserTech uses insert molding to assist customers in redesigning their products to increase performance and reduce cost while increasing reliability. This is accomplished by replacing multi or single component assemblies with a combination of materials more suitable for the application.

InserTech assists customers to include insert molding and its various derivatives in conceptual designs, prototypes and final products. There is a compelling need for customer's to reduce cost while improving reliability. InserTech can meet that need by designing insert-molded components that offer the customer the best in application, performance, reliability and cost. To accomplish this, InserTech accepts the fact that the "degree of difficulty" of an insert-molded component is often inversely proportional to customer satisfaction. In other words, the more difficult the insert-molded component is to design, tool and produce the easier and less costly it is for the customer to apply in a product.

InserTech has developed certain unique techniques that offer a cost, lead time and technical advantage over the competition. As an example, InserTech has designed and produced multi-layer, 3 dimensional totally encapsulated components that were produced using a combination of in-mold circuit definition and a single shot over-molding process within the cycle of the press. We call this capability "Advanced Encapsulation Technology" or AET. In other words, InserTech can produce components in a single production process, compared to most competition that needs 3 different production phases to produce the same component. This results in cost savings for the customer.

This capability offers widespread applications across multiple markets.
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