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Facility Information -- Cary, Illinois  

InserTech's headquarters is housed in a single 35,000 sq.ft. facility in the town of Cary, Illinois. This facility includes InserTech's Engineering Excellence Center as well as all manufacturing for local customers. InserTech also ships product directly to customers in Mexico from the company's manufacturing facility located in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

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InserTech, LLC  
711 Industrial Drive  
Cary, Illinois 60013  
Tel: (847) 516-6184
Fax: (847) 516-6486  
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Equipment Information  

Insert Injection Molding Area

InserTech relies primarily on vertical clamp molding presses with a variety of shuttle and rotary tables ranging from 40 Tons and 2 oz capacity to 300 Tons and 20 oz capacity. All of InserTech's presses were purchased from just two machine manufacturers. We believe this promotes better training, improved preventive maintenance, access ability to spare parts, and vendor field support loyalty.

Insertech is continually purchasing new presses. On average 3 new machines are purchased per year with a replacement cycle of between 3 to 5 years dependant upon equipment usage.

Each molding cell has a full compliment of auxiliary equipment including dual zoned computer controlled thermolators and press mounted dryer systems.

Conventional Injection Molding Area

InserTech performs a variety of straight molding including thin wall. Press sizes range from the smaller 65 ton and 180 ton "All Electric" presses manufactured by Toshiba to two 320 ton conventional hydraulic horizontal presses from JSW.

Should our customers require a product that demands a larger press size, up to 1500 tons, we recommend them to our sister company, Makray Plastics of Chicago. This company has vast experience in producing all types and sizes of product using many different resins, manufacturing methods and systems.

Production Department

bullet image Engel 300 Ton Rotary Press
bullet image Engel 200 Ton Rotary Press
Bullet Image Toshiba 65 Ton "All Electric" Horizontal Press
Bullet Image Toshiba 120 Ton "All Electric" Horizontal Press
Bullet Image Cincinatti Milicron 45 Ton Vertical Rotary Presses (2)
Bullet Image Cincinatti Milicron 80 Ton Vertical Rotary Press
Bullet Image Cincinatti Milicron 150/200 Ton Vertical Rotary Press
Bullet Image Cincinatti Milicron 40 Ton Vertical Shuttle Press
Bullet Image Multiplaz 200 Ton Vertical Shuttle Press
Bullet Image JSW 330 Ton Horizontal Presses (2)

Design Engineering Department

bullet image Pro E., SolidWorks, Moldflow, and CMOLD software.
bullet image Hewlett Packard 450C and 2500C Design Jet Drafting Plotters.
Bullet Image OCE - Blue Print Copier
Bullet Image Websites: SupplyOn and SupplyWeb

Quality Assurance Department

Bullet Image Zeiss Vista CMM
Bullet Image Calypso CAD-based Software
Bullet Image Cimworks Visual SPC Software
Bullet Image OGP Optical Comparator
Bullet Image Full compliment of precision measuring instruments, gages and equipment
Bullet Image Various temperature/Rh Indicators
Bullet Image Weigh count scales, Go/NoGo gages, surface plates and steel rules.
Bullet Image Various HIPOT and Continuity Testers


Cary is easily accessible from Chicago and is approximately 40 minutes northwest of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

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